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Prepare for a career in Education or Family and Human Services.

It opens a lot of doors … I will come out certified with different things that students when they’re getting out of college they’ll be certified but I’ll be certified right out of high school.

Sunnyside Teacher Academy Student


Pathways in the Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector prepare graduates to work in education or family services as teachers, counselors, child care providers, and more.

Students may have the opportunity to receive college credit and industry recognized certifications as well as participate in paid and unpaid internships.

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Sample Education Courses

This course builds on concepts learned in Teacher Academy: The Universal Career, with a new focus on Leadership and School Systems. The course is designed to promote understanding of the theories and practices of leadership and organizational behaviors with an emphasis on desired leadership qualities, the structure and challenges of the public-school system, equity issues, and leadership opportunities in education. Students will learn how to develop leadership skills and potential in themselves and others by applying application, self-reflection, journal writing, meaningful discussions, peer collaboration, feedback, team-building activities, and through participation in job shadowing activities and/or internship placements at nearby elementary, middle, and high schools.

This course prepares students for professional or learning support positions in education, pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. Students study human development; standards, regulations, and codes; positive guidance and counseling techniques; age-appropriate and grade appropriate learning/teaching strategies; learning theories; and standards-based curriculum and instructional design. Learning is grounded in the current best practices for the profession and students will apply their learning as an aide in a neighborhood school with ongoing support and feedback from a mentor teacher

This course will expose students to the career readiness skills needed for a successful internship and prepare them for the world of work. An internship is a work-based learning experience that provides students the opportunity to apply their technical and academic skills in a professional setting. Students will develop and practice an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of high-skilled career areas, including terminology, climate, protocol, and other information that will enable them to analyze and revise their meaningful future plans. This course will expose students to the career readiness skills needed for a successful internship and prepare them for the world of work. The internship is supported with activities and assignments to deepen and enhance the experience. The structure of the internship aligns with local policy and program expectations for internships.

Note: Course availability varies by school and program.

Teacher Academy

The Teacher Academy offered at Bullard, Edison, Hoover, McLane, Roosevelt, and Sunnyside High Schools develops and supports high school students through their journey of becoming quality educators. It exposes students to a career in education by offering real-world learning opportunities that allow students to learn through meaningful work-based experiences including internships, employment, and/or school-based enterprises. This program outlines the steps to becoming a successful educator and provides a clear bridge to employment. By participating in the Teacher Academy program, students:

  • Can earn college units
  • Are eligible for a position as a paraprofessional with FUSD upon high school graduation
  • Gain field experience working with children
  • Participate in community service learning
  • Have an opportunity to take the NCLB and CBEST exams
  • Receive priority consideration for Fresno Unified’s Pipeline to Teaching Programs


CART is a college and career prep, half-day program for juniors and seniors in Clovis and Fresno Unified School Districts. Labs offer hands-on and industry standard methods for students to investigate and acquire a variety of skills. CART offers one lab in the Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector.

Psychology and Human Behavior Lab

Students investigate the inner workings of the human mind on both physiological and chemical levels. Students explore the workings of their own minds while learning why people behave the way they do. Students consider what influences behavior, and how behavior is controlled, changed, and modified.

Examples of Education Careers

OccupationEducation LevelMedian Annual Earnings in CA
Child, Family, and School Social WorkerBachelor's degree$52,440
Childcare WorkerHigh school diploma or equivalent$31,020
Education AdministratorMaster's degree$131,100
Educational, Guidance, and Career Counselor or AdvisorMaster's degree$77,870
Elementary School TeacherBachelor's degree$85,970
Librarian and Media Collections SpecialistBachelor's degree$75,030
Personal Financial AdvisorBachelor's degree$94,890
Postsecondary TeacherDoctoral or professional degree$104,600

Source: US Dept of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics for California

Education Pathways and Programs

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