Social Media Marketing is a course designed to prepare students for creation of effective social media marketing campaigns and business plans. Students will explore the history of the internet and the explosion of social media through inquiry-based research. Students will build a positive digital footprint, learn about communication norms using various communication platforms and social networking sites, and practice strategies for keeping themselves safe online. Through the creation and use of blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and social networking sites, students will learn how the creation of media content helps to establish networks and communities of shared professional and personal interests and includes, but is not limited to, online applications YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and Blogger, HTML/CSS, etc., and their use as media-oriented platforms. Students will learn about the various forms of business ownership, will analyze the online presence of a business, and will examine how social media platforms have changed entrepreneurship. Course aligns with Precision Exams courses and certifications in Digital Marketing and Customer Service.

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