This course will build upon the foundation techniques of year one of the pathway, which allows students to utilize a hands-on learning environment to begin to build industry-driven culinary skills. Throughout this course, students will continue to collaborate to develop an understanding of the historical and cultural influences on global cuisine, the science of culinary processes, and engage in analyzing the contents and properties of food. Students will understand the application of physical and chemical properties of foods. Students will use traditional and emerging food preparation methods to prepare recipes. Students expand upon their knife skills in order to meet industry standards. Students will use critical and innovative thinking and be challenged to build reading, writing, and speaking skills throughout the course. Emphasis will be on quality food preparation and presentation, collaboration, developing a critical palate, and exploring current culinary trends. In this course, students will keep a journal where they document their learning through reflections on topics learned and develop their academic writing skills within the journal as an integral part of every unit.

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