WBL3 Computer Integrated Mechatronics is the capstone course that focuses on the principles of physics, energy conservation, electronic sensing, computerized data acquisition, and automated process control used in the production of manufactured products. In this inquiry-grounded, project-based learning course, students become manufacturing teams, designing, analyzing, and building systems that automate processes to manufacture products. An understanding of systems is emphasized, as students consolidate abilities with regards to appropriate selection, operational commissioning, and careful maintenance of automated technical systems. Students are encouraged to apply basic design and operational principles to express themselves intelligibly and precisely using correct technical terms and symbols. Students learn about electromechanical systems through experience with all the senses. Students use program logic controller, sensors, manufacturing components, and computer models to study how product can be collected, measured, and processed by coding and designing efficient automated electromechanical systems. Using their understanding of product manufacturing design, students identify the inefficiencies in local industrial electromechanical systems and develop plans to mitigate them. This course is being articulated for college credit with Clovis Community College.

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