Students will learn the aspects of design and implementation of design in scenery, props, costumes, lighting, and sound. Students will recognize the interdependence of all theatrical elements, and the role of a technical director and a technician in the rehearsal and performance process of a show. Students will learn and practice theatre safety. Students learn in depth the fundamentals of technical theater including: complete a comprehensive project planning the technical elements for a play, self-correct in response to suggestions, demonstrate the ability to establish aesthetic criteria and apply it in evaluating their own work and that of others and demonstrate an understanding of theater in various cultures and historical periods. Students will: create and execute a lighting design, create and execute a sound design, create and execute a staging of a play including designing and building a set, and design and use props and costumes for a play. Students will participant in lighting, sound, costumes and props, set design and building, as well as stage management. An important emphasis will be on drafting and a deeper understanding of set design and structural knowledge for building.

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